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Relationships between advertising agencies and their clients has been deteriorating at an alarming rate.

On the one hand, ad agencies are seeing their fees cut annually despite the growth of their Scopes of Work. Their ability to carry out high quality creative work across all media types is being compromised by deteriorating economics and the stretching of their overworked and underpaid people.

On the other hand, the advertisers who are cutting agency fees and growing agency workloads are not seeing an improvement in brand growth and profitability. Legacy brands are languishing; CMOs are fired almost as frequently as their agencies; and marketing is operating with a high degree of insecurity, seen as not contributing positively to improvements in shareholder value.

"Madison Avenue Manslaughter" is shorthand for this phenomenon. Agencies and advertisers are each failing to add value, and in the process they are torturing and blaming one another. Where is this headed? How can it be fixed?

The Madison Avenue Manslaughter Channel documents the problems and outlines solutions for these troubled partners in the advertising industry.


Michael Farmer

Michael Farmer is the author of Madison Avenue Manslaugh...

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