For more than 40 years, MediaVillage founder Jack Myers has been singularly dedicated to identifying, developing and introducing solutions to the challenges confronting media companies. For the past decade, MediaVillage, in collaboration with partners across the marketing ecosystem, has been pilot testing innovative strategies for generating growth. Today, more than 150 companies, organizations and industry leaders are charter members of the MediaVillage Knowledge Exchange, a B2B Solutions Marketplace and Center of Marketing Excellence that connects professionals across the corporate, educational and nonprofit communities.

At MediaVillage, we’ve reinvented B2B marketing around talent development and education. Our focus is on collaboratively building your B2B solutions and supporting your go-to-market strategy. Expanding on The Myers Report’s three decades of industry-leading market intelligence and proprietary research, and a constantly updated archive of more than 13,000 original and proprietary business reports covering the marketing ecosystem, MediaVillage has developed a sophisticated AI system for gathering, publishing and sharing market intelligence through primary research, online learning, solutions journalism, and meeting preparation tools.

We are the leader in market intelligence, effective content marketing, talent development and industry education. We enable and empower collaborative teams to generate measurable success and growth in a highly competitive market. We focus on breaking down the bureaucratic inertia and resistance to change that prevent growth and competitive differentiation. Solutions Journalism is our approach to capabilities integration. We connect our columnists, journalists, editors, and analysts with your marketing and research teams, strategic leaders, financial and revenue management, and talent development professionals.


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