BuzzFeed & CNN Team Up on a YouTube Channel

VentureBeat 5.28.2013

CNN and BuzzFeed are going for the social media gold with a new YouTube channel containing clips hand-picked for shareability.

Activist Eyewear Takes Hollywood by Storm with Feature This! Branded Entertainment

Market Wired 5.29.2013

Activist Eyewear, a designer and manufacturer of high-performance glasses, has taken Hollywood by storm with Feature This! branded entertainment. The brand's big success came out of the gate with an appearance on "The Voice," where contestant, Michelle Chamuel wore its eyeglasses on national television.

Shell Develops Branded Content

warc 5.22.2013

To promote Shell Advance, the motorcycle lubricant, the company has launched a six-part series that examines local motorcycle culture. Freedom Riders Asia will air on Star Sports, a Fox channel.

US Army Gets Into Branded Content with Recruitment-Focused Reality Show

Brand Channel 5.23.2013

The US Army wants to show potential recruits what it means to be "Army Strong." Just as the largest branch of the American military has pretty much stayed apace with advertising genres in the four decades since it became an all-volunteer force, the Army is now launching a reality-type branded-content TV series to relay that message in a different and thorough way.

Twitter Adds Cards to Help Brands Register Emails

Mashable 5.22.2013

Twitter just took another step towards helping brands generate revenues from the social network. The company announced a new feature on Wednesday called the Lead Generation card, which gives businesses a way to register users and their emails for promotions or memberships directly within a tweet.

Kate Spade In-Store Experience

Communication Arts 5.21.2013

When Kate Spade set out to open retail stores for its new brand, Saturday, it wanted to create a destination for millennials who spend their life online. So it was decided to replace paper signage with iPads to support more dynamic and interactive product information, video and social integration for the hyper-connected customers.

Swedish House Mafia Parts Ways in New Volvo Campaign

Adage 5.20.2013

This music video created by Volvo for the dance group Swedish House Mafia cleverly bridges the gap between branded content, product placement and social media. ...

Startup Pushes Pinterest-Like Native Ads Play

Adweek 5.29.2013

Every day, another company makes a foray into native advertising. But this latest one is less about editors and custom content. Rather, it's an attempt at taking Pinterest-like images and turning them into ads running across the Internet.

Gumroad Launches a Simple and Cheap Platform for Selling Streaming Videos

Techcrunch 5.29.2013

Hey, aspiring filmmakers! Gumroad, the crazy simple platform for selling digital goods, is rolling out a pretty big new feature for you this morning: on-demand video streaming.

Why Reddit Is Betting On Original Content

Ad Age 5.28.2013

The "80s cliché is that video killed the radio star. Now it's quickly killing other priorities as a growing number of media concerns put greater focus on original programming, all in a quest for higher CPMs. Some are new players.

YouTube's New Tool Makes it Easy to Create Slow-Mo Videos

Mashable 5.29.2013

What turns an average video into a spectacular one? Slow motion. Working under the premise that "slow-mo makes everything better," YouTube added a new slow motion enhancement tool to its built-in editor on Tuesday, making it accessible to everyone who uses the site to create videos.

No, the Job of Social Media Editor isn't Dead- But it Sure As Heck Better be Evolving

paidContent 5.31.2013

If you want to get a lot of people to share your post on social media, here's a tip: Take a shot at the whole idea of social-media editors. BuzzFeed writer Rob Fishman (himself a former social-media editor at Huffington Post) may or may not have had that principle in mind when he wrote a post entitled "The social media editor is dead," but it worked like a charm anyway: his piece burned up Twitter and Facebook like a flash fire on Wednesday and sparked a passionate debate.

10 interesting Digital Marketing Stats We've Seen This Week

Econsultancy 5.24.2013

Stats include social advertising in the alcohol industry, a drop in Facebook usage, consumer loyalty, barriers to mobile payment adoption and Google News.

10 Hot Social Networks to Watch

Mashable 5.29.2013

We've compiled a list of 10 social platforms with huge potential. Some are expanding rapidly; others have yet to launch. Here, you'll find blogging platforms to express something more than disdain for your soggy sandwich or the most LOL-worthy cat GIF (for the record, it's this one).

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There is some growing skepticism among clients surrounding ad inventory legitimacy. Clients are unsure if their videos are being viewed. To end this doubt, a group of companies who work in video advertising came together to create OpenVV (Open Video View), a common measurement system for online video viewability.

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