It was nice that they were open on Saturday but that's not worth writing about. When I walked in I was greeted by an extremely enthusiastic, sympathetic and knowledgeable receptionist. She did not start by saying, "What insurance do you have?" She started by saying, "It's awful to lose a filling, how do you feel? I'm glad I could get you in today."

The forms: Yes, fill out the forms but she offered to fill most of it out and said, "While you're doing that would you like coffee, tea, espresso?"

Another patient walked in and she said,

"Did you just call? You got the last appointment." Like he had won a car. The woman with him greeted the receptionist and was asked, "Did you refer him?" The woman said yes and the receptionist said, "Great, he gets $50.00 off the first visit and you get a $50.00 gift card. Where do you want it to? Best Buy, JC Penny's, Bed Bath and Beyond? EVERY TIME you bring in a new patient, you get another gift card, no limit."

Ok this was different.

I got into the Dentist's chair ON - TIME and it was a real dentist on a Saturday, not a new dentist. It was the owner. I got into his chair and I said, "I don't know what you pay your receptionist but whatever it is, give her a raise." "I did two weeks ago" He said.

I asked him, "Where did you learn how to market?" And here are the five tips:

1. The Dentist's website is 100% transactional. You can book your appointment online. With one click you can see the specials, discounts, loyalty programs and all the information you need. No registration. No layers and layers of nonsense. It's the cleanest website.

2. "I sent my entire support team to the RITZ CARLTON SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY for training on how to greet patients and answer the phone." Whoa. Venture Capitalists ALWAYS imagine they can save money by putting a telephone phone and a directory at the front desk rather than a trained greeter. They are throwing money away and making the office LESS efficient.

3. Positive feedback the moment a person comes in the door. Help the customer understand instantly that their concerns are valid, not unique and it will require little effort to resolve them.

4. A loyalty program with no limit. Most loyalty programs have jackass limits on rewards or the exercise of those awards. The dentist doesn't want a cap on the volume of his business so he doesn't put a cap on how many rewards he gives out for new customers.

5. ONESIE. I mentioned that my wife was about to have a baby. IMMEDIATELY the receptionist said,Dorothy+Sabo "Oh, we'll send you a ONESIE to your home." Now let me tell you, there is no greater sucker punch for a customer than giving their newborn a ONESIE as you can see here: DOROTHY SABO, in 2002 wearing at 1010 WINS News radio ONESIE. Do you have a stack of logo ONESIE's in your office? No? Big Mistake.

Service matters. John F. Lhota, DMD did his job artistically, never hurt me at all during the longish procedure and the result is terrific. No I'm not receiving a free anything for this blog--I'm not a sleazy Mom!!! but I am happy to pass along some useful customer service information.

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