Upfront Data Warning

As MyersBizNet organizes and analyzes data on Upfront costs-per-thousand and volume from both buyers and sellers (to be published in the next two weeks), I'm confounded by data published last week by Mediapost, reporting on an analysis conducted by old-line firm Media Dynamics. Anyone in the industry relying on the Media Dynamics report will be well-served by waiting for our report. Our results are dramatically different than those published by Media Dynamics as reported in Mediapost.


Free Movie Tickets

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Marketing & Media Legends Gather

This week, Simulmedia, NBCU and MyersBizNet will host, at Michael's Restaurant in Manhattan, the sixth gathering of Marketing & Media Legends, which shares knowledge and experience of legends who have defined, developed and built the modern media industry. DDB Chairman Emeritus Keith Reinhard, former JWT chairman Burt Manning, USA Network founder Kay Koplovitz, Dunkin' Donuts CMO John Costello, former A-B CMO Tony Ponturo, former CBS-TV president Jim Rosenfield, MediaVillage columnist Stuart Elliott, OMD founding execs Arnie Semsky and Steve Grubbs, and several others join with emerging legends Bloomberg Media's Jacki Kelley; GE's Linda Boff; Viacom's Jeff Lucas; NBCU's Linda Yaccarino and Joe Uva; Simulmedia's Dave Morgan; Group M's Lee Doyle, Phil Cowdell, Colin Barlow and Dave Moore; Publicis' Maureen Bosetti and Dave Ehlers; Amex's Nancy Smith; JET.com's Lisa Landsman; SAP's Julie Roehm; Nielsen's Steve Hasker; Ad Age's Allison Arden and more executives who are leading innovation in today's media industry. MediaVillage will soon launch a series of interviews with the Legends, profiling the people, decisions and dynamics that are the foundation of our ever-changing business.


Video Metrics & Research Company Profiles

In the next several weeks, Jack Myers TomorrowToday will feature several series focused on the economics of media. Emotion-Tech is on the cusp of being layered on top of the vast and fast-growing confluence of audience data, social data, purchase data, geographic data, beacon data and more. Our series begins this week with a special report on facial recognition company Emotient, which is at the foundation of new research being conducted by several marketers, agencies and TV networks. Look for it.

Our new TomorrowToday series on the research companies that measure video advertising value and metrics will focus each week on specific issues impacting an increasingly complex and cluttered field, helping you understand and differentiate these companies.

Charlene Weisler's in-depth analyses on emerging media research resources began last week with a basic primer on the leading research companies. Don't miss her insights on ABC-TV's new Unified Insights research on cross-platform audiences.

TomorrowToday is also featuring weekly economic insights from Standard Media Index, SMI is a unique information services company providing media agency expenditure data for all major media and product categories. The SMI reports cover trends in agency expenditure within media sectors and across the broader industry.


Sales Organization Performance Survey on Its Way

In the next several weeks, advertiser executives, media planners and buyers, and senior agency leaders will be receiving the annual MyersBizNet Surveys on Media Sales Organization Performance. Results from the surveys, now in their 32nd year as the industry standard business-to-business research, enable media companies to better focus their investments, marketing messages and organizational priorities. To receive a copy of the survey, contact maryann@myersbiznet.com and identify the category most relevant to your work: TV & Video, Out-of-Home, Print Based Media, Digital Media. TomorrowToday will begin reporting on the results from these reports in early 2016.


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