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Creative and media strategies and planning are being re-integrated as Marshall McLuhan’s adage that The Medium Is the Message returns to relevance. As media buying becomes increasingly data driven and commoditized, marketers are seeking messages that are new, differentiated and stand-out. Creativity Village shares insights and updates on best practices to guide marketers, agencies and media companies as they build content and creativity strategies.

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Michael Farmer

Michael Farmer is the author of Madison Avenue Manslaugh...

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Jack Myers

Jack Myers is the nation’s leading Media Ecologist...

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Eddy Herty

Eddy Herty is a man who loves what he does. After gradua...

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Carly Zipp

As Senior Director of Communications, Sponsorships, &...

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Amy Corr

Amy Corr spent 17 years at MediaPost as managing editor ...

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Bill Harvey

Bill Harvey has spent over 35 years leading the way in m...

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Brian Jacobs

Brian Jacobs spent over 35 years in advertising, media a...

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E.B. Moss

E.B. Moss built ad sales marketing departments for ...

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