Advancing Diversity Honors 2019
Jan 9th, 2019 CES
Advancing Diversity Honors 2019 View details

As more media is delivered digitally the industry needs to understand and embrace ad technology.  AdTechVillage is the go-to source for thought-leading content and commentary, interviews and explanations of the latest trends and applications of AdTech and MarTech.

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Rob Beeler

Rob Beeler is lead contributing writer for AdTechVillage...

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Jack Myers

Jack Myers is the nation’s leading Media Ecologist...

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Jarrod Walpert

A senior-level strategist with over 20 years of experien...

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John Bohan

John is the CEO and Founder of Socialtyze, a leading soc...

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Connor Zickgraf

Connor Zickgraf writes the Gender News blog for MediaVil...

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Rob Norman

Rob Norman works with multiple enterprises in media dist...

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Levi Shapiro

Levi Shapiro is a Partner at TMT Strategic Advisors, a r...

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