NCM is America's largest cinema advertising network.

We provide national, regional and local brands access to over 700 million moviegoers. Planning and buying is easy at a one-stop-shop that delivers your ad in the FirstLook pre-show across the nation. Including the movies in your marketing plan has never been more efficient, consistent and turnkey.


Miles Hankin

Miles Hankin has been a network television news producer...

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Doug Pulick

Doug Pulick, National CineMedia (NCM)’s senior vic...

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Ingrid Laub

Ingrid Laub has been crafting marketplace perceptions fo...

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Rebecca Eldridge

Rebecca Eldridge is Vice President, Integrated and Enter...

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E.B. Moss

E.B. Moss built ad sales marketing departments for ...

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Cliff Marks

Clifford (Cliff) E. Marks is president of National CineM...

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Jack Myers

Jack Myers, author of The Future of Men: Masculinity in ...

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Simon Applebaum

Simon Applebaum is a contributing writer for MediaVillag...

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